[DEV]Advanced and custom profiles [0.0.3]

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[DEV]Advanced and custom profiles [0.0.3]

Post by flamer46 »

MOD Title: Advance Profiles
MOD Description: This mod will add a new view to edit your profile, custom profile set by the admin in 3 levels(user configurable, mod-admin configurable, mod-admin configurable hidden), the possibility to edit the registration page via the Admin panel, ip logged, friend or foes, pm buddies, see your watched topics from your user panel and more.
MOD Download: N/A
Last version: 0.0.3

Test board: http://flamer46.zeeblo.com/testboard/prefs.php....prefs.php is the page. The board is their only to test the mods.
To login the board:
Username: demo
password: demo

After i used IPB a bit and saw some features i wanted to port them to phpbb. SO i decided on custom-profiles and a user panel similar to the one there.
I got the friend or foes idea from the phpbb 2.1.x version. And because i liked extreme admin control, the admin can switch between the normal profile and the new he installes.
I`m thinking of making a file that automaticcally installs this mod, but i`m not sure about that yet.
I`d like to know what people think about this and if you have any good ideas post them here, i may add them.

Features i have planned:
[Admin Side]
1. Switch between normal phpBB profile and the new type.
2. Add custom profiles.
a. User-configurable
b. Only admin or mod configurable
c. Hidden, only admin or mod configurable.
3. Send pm`s or post from Admin Panel.
4. Admin or mod can edit a profile while viewing the User`s profile.

[User side]
1. New user control panel.
2. Friend or Foes.
a. See who is your friend or foe when posting and optionally in the whosonline view.
3. Pm buddies.
4. Send pm`s to multiple recipients.
5. A notepad to store some text.
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Post by bonelifer »

Great idea. So far a nice core set of features on the list. I'll mull over this and try to think of any other ideas.
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Post by flamer46 »

I just finished programming the notepad, it works fine. I made a test board where you can see the mod live(see the first post). Only the notepad works so if you click the menu their you won`t find much!
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Post by Mrsmalka »

I know on our game site forum we would love to be able to take the information added in a custom profile and export it to a seperate field/page.

So if we asked what state you lived in, we could have a seperate page where it listed the 50 states and below each state would be the members that live there.

//wishes really really hard//
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Post by igorw »

Don't bump old topics, this was posted in 2005...
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