Avatar & Signature Allowances & Rules

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Avatar & Signature Allowances & Rules

Post by AbelaJohnB »

Hello phpBB Community.

It has come time for us here @phpBB to begin (re)enforcing our rules on Avatars & Signatures.

Here are the 'rules' concerning both Avatars and Signatures:

Avatar Images:
  1. Must Be 90x90 Max Pixels
  2. Cannot Contain Animation
  3. Cannot Mimick phpBB Rank Images &/Or phpBB Staff Avatars
  4. Cannot Exceed 6k In File Size
  5. Remote Files Must Load In Under 5 Seconds On Any Given Connection
    (those of you hosting off your home systems that tend to lag and slow things down for the rest of us... this one is for you<smile>)

  • Images:
    1. One Image Max.
    2. Image Must Be No Wider Than 468 Pixels
    3. Image Must Be No Taller Than 60 Pixels
    4. Image Cannot Contain Animation
    5. Image Cannot Exceed 6k In File Size
  • Text/Message:
    1. Text Lines Must Be 7 Lines Or Under (if small text-size is used) Including Blank Spacer Lines
    2. Text Lines Must Be 5 Lines Or Under (if normal text-size is used) Including Blank Spacer Lines
    3. Text Lines Cannot Contact Huge Or Tiny Text-Size. That is; between size=9 and size=12, no smaller, no larger.

One (1) notice of violation will be given, and if no action is taken than a physical change by our Administration will take place.

Likewise, the phpBB Group reserves the right to remove any avatar image, and edit/remove any/all Signature info., at any time.

Thank You for adhering to these rules.

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