beta 5 to RC1 or Official Release

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beta 5 to RC1 or Official Release

Post by zenkinz »

I know the upgrade announcement say the above will not be provided.

but I was wondering if the database structure will be fundamentally different from B5 and RC1/Official release. I think not since this appears to be the last beta release and not the first few. Anybody knows?

Because if the database structure are fairly stable/constant, then I have no problem with sticking to B5 and then later switch to official release with ownself migration, since all I need to migrate is just post and user tables (and it 'll make hell lot of easy if the structure of the two tables are fairly stable)

any advise?
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Re: beta 5 to RC1 or Official Release

Post by david63 »

There is absolutely no guarantee about the database structure - it may be the same it may totally change, only time will tell.
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Re: beta 5 to RC1 or Official Release

Post by karlsemple »

As you have already been told such forums will not be supported, the database structure might remain pretty constant it may not, this will depend on what bugs are discovered and what fixes are needed. Seens as you have read the announcement there was no need for you to post this topic.

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