phpBB is dead... long live phpBB!

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phpBB is dead... long live phpBB!

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In an not entirely unexpected email to the team, James "theFinn" Atkinson has, after a number of years inactivity even "behind the scenes" due to personal circumstance, has formally resigned as of the 30th of April, 2007.

The now newly independent phpBB still has the same active contributors and will continue to support the stable phpBB 2.0.x and develop the next-generation phpBB 3.0.x, with James having already allowed the transfer of the domain for a majority share of the financial assets that have been generated by the project via advertising to date, so as to minimise disruption to phpBB's users.

For advertisers, please note that the advertising <at> phpbb <dot> com address is no longer used nor should payments be made to it (via PayPal). Please update your address book to the new address of invoicing <at> phpbb <dot> com.

Furthermore, as all advertising campaigns prior the 1st of May, 2007 were contractually to James "theFinn" Atkinson as Sole Proprietor of phpBB; whilst the newly independent phpBB has no legal obligation to honour the contracts, we will allow already active campaigns to run their course so as to maintain relations.

Thanks! :mrgreen:
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