how to control the size limit of posts?

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how to control the size limit of posts?

Post by javaperl »

I am a newbie to phpBB. I am guessing this would be a simple question for most of you.

Is there any limit for how many characters can be posted/replied in a message body? What is the default value? How can I change it?

Any help is appreciated.
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no, you cannot control that. you can post somewhere on your forums, "PLEASE DONT POST 10 SMILIES IN A ROW". I have had trouble with that before.
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Post by smigit »

doesnt 2.2 have this feature? I think i saw something on the development forum or in screen shots that appeared to be limiting post counts
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Post by GE »

Im no phpbb guru, but if you want to limit the characters that someone can post in one post, im sure you can do this. I believe all you would have to do is edit the multi line text field in the templates for the new topic and reply pages. Couldn’t you just put a max characters on it with simple html?
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