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Her stockmarket mod is extremely, extremely buggy. It took my friend and myself a collective time of 3 hours to fix the parse errors just to get it to run. I then found another error: She hard-codes the table phpbb_ into her mod many times, meaning if you don't have phpbb_ as your table prefix, it won't work without edit.

She also made a file one name, and then tried calling it with another name *she added an underscore in the script*. Also, she did the same thing with a variable, making a button not work. I've fixed all of this for my own use, which may not work with you.

Just so we're clear: From what I've seen, this mod is NOT self-updating. You have to update the prices in your admin panel with a click of a button. However, the actual mod is well done, and I like it. It just could be improved greatly. If someone could just add some code *to add a ticker, self-updating features, and possible options for a "depression" or a "hype" would be great*, that would be great.
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Odd how most people manage to get set up easily - you must have been trying to set it up with the wrong version of the shop.
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