New Testament / Bible Database

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New Testament / Bible Database

Post by mrcolj2 »

I used to have a religious discussion board, and I was so overrun by trolls I eventually lost everything (6,000ish posts.) So I recreated it, using a separate topic for every chapter of the scriptures. This solved everything, because instead of having a topic called "Catholics" or "Mormons," you could now only discuss the scriptures by replying to the correlative verse. Again, this solved everything, because the trolls were both uninterested in the Bible and lazy.

Anyway, after now having cut and pasted every chapter of the New Testament into its own topic, I am releasing the database publicly so people can duplicate the same thing on their boards. Any church board, religious board, literature board, etc. And tell me if you use this same format for other books--I'd be interested in seeing it.

So please download and integrate this New Testament Only database. Please keep any links to my site on there--I'm not sure there are any, but please leave them if there are. I'll keep the updated link here, and post more as it expands if there's sufficient demand. And please, I am looking for any volunteers to cut and paste scriptures on [spam], and thereby develop this hack/Mod/whatever. IM me as mrcolj on any platform to volunteer.

Holler how it goes...
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Re: ScriptureForum.Net New Testament / Bible Database

Post by MHobbit »

Sorry, but I'm going to have to lock this topic. At this point, this thread resembles spam more than it does a place for a MOD's development, especially since you're merely promoting your own site [accomplishment]. We also ban recruiting for MOD authors, as per our Board-wide Policies.

If you are interested in developing an actual MOD, feel free to contact me regarding this topic.
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