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Absolution is a fixed width, blue, orange and silver style. Bug support only. Sorry, we don't support customisation requests on free styles.


3.3.2 3.2.8 3.1.9 3.0.11 Style
About us
"About us" is an extension which adds to phpBB 3.1 (2.0.x) or phpBB 3.2/3.3 (2.1.x) a "about us"- or "legal notice"-page, where you can add your contact details and more. Features: Custom about us page Entry in "who …
About us

by Crizzo

3.3.0 3.2.9 3.1.11 Extension
24 Hour Activity Stats
Extension lists of all registered users and number of guests who have visited the board in the last 24 hours as well as lists stats on the number of new posts, new topics and new users within the last 24 hours. This is a port of the 3.0 mod . …
24 Hour Activity Stats

by RMcGirr83

3.3.1 3.2.10 3.1.12 Extension
10 phpBB smilies
10 extra new phpBB3 smilies you use based on default ones
No screenshot

by mrgtb

3.1.x Style