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Sat Jul 17, 2010 3:30 am
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This convertor is used to transfer data from old phpBB2 ports used in *-NUKE CMS software. It is mostly based on the standard phpBB2 convertor, but still has some differences common to these modified versions of phpBB2.

How to use:
Download the archive, unpack it, and upload the contents to your conversion installation(phpBB3), you should have two more files in the install/convertors/ directory at the end. Then run the conversion as normally(click the Convert tab on the installation screen), but select this convertor from the list.

These systems were tested and successful conversion were made:
UNITED-NUKE 4.2.08ms2
Nuke-Evolution Basic - 2.0.5
PHP-NUKE Clan 4.2.0

A few notes on usage:
Table prefix: don't include the "bb" in the prefix, use the same prefix as set in the NUKE config.php(just add an underscore - "_")
Former board path: Set it to the phpBB root, not the NUKE root, it is probably going to end with modules/Forums/
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