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The Advertisement Management extension allows phpBB board administrators to add and manage advertisements on their forums. Features include:

  • Create unlimited advertisements. Accepts code snippets (such as Google AdSense) or create your own HTML/JS ads. Add, edit, preview, disable, delete and banner image upload functionality in the Admin Control Panel.
  • Display ads in a variety of locations and techniques (inline, pop-up, slide-up).
  • Set ad priority to display important ads more often than others.
  • Statistics: ad views and clicks can be counted.
  • Option to assign an ad owner who can monitor their ad’s statistics.
  • Option to expire ads after reaching a certain date or number of clicks and/or views.
  • Option to hide ads for specific member group(s).
  • Ad-Blocker detection option politely notifies users to disable ad blocking on the board.
  • Ad code analysis can check for troublesome code such as JS alert() or making HTTP requests from a secure server.
Minimum Requirements:
phpBB 3.3.2 or newer

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