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Replace BBCode buttons with icons in an attractive and customizable toolbar. This extension also adds many new and useful custom BBCodes giving users more ways to customize their posts, including BBvideo (embed videos from dozens of media sites). Custom BBCodes can be arranged and sorted in any order and assigned to specific usergroups (such as Moderators and Admins only).

  • Customizable icon-based BBCode toolbar
  • Custom BBCode sorting/arrangement via drag-n-drop
  • Custom BBCodes can be assigned to usergroups for private use
  • Custom BBCode buttons can be displayed as icons or text (see our FAQ)
  • Embed video in your posts with the BBvideo BBCode (enhanced support if phpBB Media Embed PlugIn is co-installed)
  • Many new and useful custom BBCodes are installed with ABBC 3.1
  • No new settings pages. Just an enhanced Custom BBCodes ACP interface
Minimum Requirements:
  • Image or newer
  • Image or newer
FAQ: :!: Warning: :!:
This extension will overwrite existing custom BBCodes if they have the same BBCode Tag Name. ABBC 3.1 will add or update the following BBCode Tags:

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[font], [highlight], [align], [float], [pre], [s], [sup], [sub], [glow], [shadow], [dropshadow], [blur], 
[fade], [dir], [marq], [spoil], [hidden], [offtopic], [mod], [nfo], [soundcloud], [BBvideo], [youtube]
If you have already created your own custom BBCodes that have any of the tag names listed above, you should note their current custom bbcode settings before installing this extension, so you can go to the ACP's manage BBCodes section and restore them back to your custom code after installing ABBC 3.1. More information is available in the FAQ section.

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