Advanced BBCode Box 3

Frequently Asked Questions

Moving from ABBC 3.0 to 3.1

When upgrading to phpBB 3.1, the old ABBC 3.0 MOD will prevent your board from functioning properly. You have two possible solutions:

Uninstall ABBC 3.0. :( (not recommended)
You may decide to remove ABBC from your forum entirely. The downside to removing ABBC from your board forever, is that all old posts that used ABBC BBCodes will appear "broken" in that those BBCodes will no longer work, and will appear as raw, un-parsed BBCode text in your old posts. The ABBC 3 MOD package has an uninstall.xml instruction file if you choose to go this route.

Upgrade to ABBC 3.1. :) (recommended)
Better to upgrade to the new ABBC 3.1! Before you can begin using your new phpBB 3.1 board, you must upgrade to ABBC 3.1. The easiest way to perform this upgrade is to upload this extension and enable it, just as you would install any other extension. It will update all old ABBC BBCodes for phpBB 3.1.

Hopefully when you updated your forum, you followed the phpBB 3.0 to 3.1 upgrade instructions. If not, you should check if you have any remnant files from the ABBC 3.0 MOD among your forum's filesystem and delete them, as well as any possible leftover file edits.

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What has changed in ABBC 3.1?
ABBC 3.1 could not be re-created for phpBB 3.1 exactly as you knew it as the 3.0 MOD. ABBC 3.1 has been completely rewritten. The biggest problem with ABBC 3.0 was that it was a MOD (hack) and was able to hack the original BBCodes as well as use its own non-standard BBCodes. This was not a forward compatible strategy. It also meant that removing ABBC 3.0 would break all posts that used its BBCodes.

ABBC 3.1 is an extension, and as such, builds upon the foundation of phpBB, and extends it rather than hacking it up into something else. ABBC 3.1 now uses phpBB's native BBCodes and Cutom BBCode engine, ensuring better forward compatibility for future version of ABBC3 and phpBB, as well as allowing ABBC's BBCodes to continue to function even if you decide to uninstall ABBC 3.1 for any reason.

There are some casualties however, as some of ABBC 3.0's BBCodes are incompatible with phpBB's native BBCode system. This was also an opportunity to remove any BBCodes and features that are outdated or bloat-ware that did not really belong in ABBC3. The following is a list of the BBCodes that have been removed from ABBC3, and the reasons why:

Incompatible BBCodes:
  • These could not be updated from 3.0 to 3.1 (these are the casualties of the unusual way ABBC 3.0 handled BBCodes). Any old posts that may have used them will no longer render them. It is possible for you to recreate some of these as brand new custom BBCodes for use with new posts.
    [anchor], [click], [grad], [hr], [search], [table], [tabs], [tab], [thumbnail]

  • [img=left|center|right|float-left|float-right] img tags that used any of these alignments will not work anymore. Future posts can still align img tags by wrapping them in the align or float BBCodes.
Discontinued BBCodes:
  • These are outdated and have been removed. Any old posts that may have used them will no longer render them.

    Legacy video BBCodes held over from phpBB2 :roll:
    [collegehumor], [dm], [flv], [gamespot], [ignvideo], [liveleak], [quicktime], [ram], [scrippet], [stream], [veoh], [video]

  • Useless, security risks, and dead services:
    [ed2k], [Imgshack], [rapidshare], [testlink], [wave], [web]
Discontinued Features:
  • BBCode posting page assignments.
  • Image Resizers. Really, what does image resizing have to do with BBCode buttons? Although ABBC3.0 had a very nice image resizing feature, we're gonna leave this up to somebody else to build a dedicated image resizer extension.