Advanced BBCode Box

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens If I Remove ABBC3?

If you decide to remove ABBC3, your existing posts and the BBCodes added by ABBC3 will continue to remain active.

This means removing ABBC3 will not break your old posts, for the most part.

All of ABBC3's BBCodes will still be present as regular custom BBCodes. You can edit and/or delete them if you choose by visiting the Custom BBCodes section of the ACP.

There are only a few special BBCodes, however, that will not work as expected if ABBC3 is removed:
  • [BBvideo] BBvideo (will revert to a url link)
  • [fade] Fade text (will no longer fade in/out)
  • [hidden] Hide content from unregistered guests (content will be hidden to all users)
  • [spoil] Spoiler message (Spoiler content will be hidden)
  • [youtube] Youtube legacy BBCode (will revert to a url link)
Any of these BBCodes can be edited to restore the content within them or undo any undesirable side-effects they create in the absence of ABBC3 being installed.

You can re-install ABBC3 at any time and all its BBCodes will be restored (even if you edited or deleted some of them).