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[How To] Fix Broken BBCodes After Updating to phpBB 3.2.x

Q: You updated your board from phpBB 3.1 to 3.2. After a little while you noticed some BBCodes are broken.

A: This can happen in phpBB 3.2.x upgrades after the new BBCode engine has updated all your old posts. Any BBCodes that were restricted to members of certain usergroups could possibly break (because they may be updated without the correct usergroup permission).

First, disable your board and backup your board's database.

Fix it from the command line using SSH:
The fix is very simple if you have command line or SSH access to your forum. Just SSH to your forum and enter these 3 simple commands:

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$ php bin/phpbbcli.php extension:disable vse/abbc3
$ php bin/phpbbcli.php reparser:reparse
$ php bin/phpbbcli.php extension:enable vse/abbc3
And that's all there is to it! Re-enable your board.

Optional Extras:
The reparser command has several options allowing you to be more specific about what you want to update.

To only update posts, use:
$ php bin/phpbbcli.php reparser:reparse post_text

To only update signatures, use:
$ php bin/phpbbcli.php reparser:reparse user_signature

To see a list of the available reparser options, you can use:
$ php bin/phpbbcli.php reparser:list

To update a specific post, or range of posts, use the range-min and range-max options.
For example, to only update post id# 106, use:
$ php bin/phpbbcli.php reparser:reparse post_text --range-min=106 --range-max=106

If you don't have SSH access to your forum:
If you can't use the above commands, the following may work for you.
  1. Go to your database (i.e.: phpMyAdmin) and delete the following items:
    1. config table - reparse_lock
    2. config table - cron_lock
    3. config_text table - reparser_resume
  2. Then, wait. Gradually, your forum will be reparsed by cron jobs, but this time the BBCodes should be reparsed correctly.