Advanced BBCode Box

Frequently Asked Questions

Upgrading From ABBC 3.1

Super Important
  • Backup your database and forum before updating to ABBC 3.2.
  • Perform the upgrade on an offline local test of your board first if possible, to see how it goes.
What's New?

Tables are now supported in posts. Tables are created using pipes, the "|" character. The full documentation on how to use them can be found when users click on the new Table BBCode or if they visit the board's BBCode FAQ which now has documentation for all of ABBC3's BBCodes.

What's Changed?

[BBvideo] BBCode deprecated
  • BBvideo is now an alias for the [MEDIA] tag, part of the Media Embed feature bundled with phpBB (you do NOT need to install the phpBB Media Embed extension for this to work in ABBC3).
  • Many more sites and media services are supported through the Media Embed feature bundled with phpBB.
  • Many old BBVideo exclusive sites are no longer supported (most of which are dead and gone anyways):,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • Custom video sizing is no longer available. phpBB's bundled Media embedding has predetermined responsive video sizes.
  • Plain URLs for compatible media sites will automatically be converted into content even without being wrapped in the BBvideo tag.
  • The original URLs will no longer be displayed if they can be converted to embedded content.
  • All existing Posts and PM's will be re-parsed after upgrading, over time using CRON jobs to fix broken posts with BBvideos.
  • Incompatible BBvideos will remain broken (sorry 'bout that, but moving on usually means leaving old stuff behind).
In most cases existing BBVideos will work immediately. In some cases however, they may not and you will just see the link. In that case, try editing the post and seeing if that fixes it. If it does, you may just need to wait for your board to complete being reparsed. This will happen automatically over time or you can do it yourself if you have SSH/CLI acces and can run the command php bin/phpbbcli.php reparser:reparse post-text.

If editing a post does not fix the broken video, then either the link is not a supported site with phpBB"s Media Embed plugin or your board is experiencing some sort of problem using its bundled phpBB Media Embed Plugin (try creating new posts with the link or other links from the site, or any site to see if anything works). If no videos are working, you need to make sure your phpBB board is up to date and every file is correctly installed (may require a full reinstallation of phpBB's files).

For best results and control of video/media sites, I recommend installing phpBB's Media Embed extension. Going forward, BBVideo is only present to try to maintain a level of backwards compatibility. Embedded media will be better served using the Media Embed extension.

[youtube] BBCode deleted

The YouTube bbcode installed by ABBC3 was an alias for BBVideo and was never intended to be used, but instead to try and convert really old posts that had this BBCode before ABBC3 was installed. It's no longer needed since today ABBC3 can handle plain URLs or has for years handled YouTube links with its BBVideo tag. It also had to be removed so that the new built in Media Embed plugin could process YouTube links. This means that any old posts with ABBC3's old YouTube BBCode will be a little broken - you'll see the [youtube] tags in the post, but the link should still be converted to the video.

Improved ABBC3 deletion

Now if you delete ABBC3, all the BBCodes it installed will no longer be displayed on the posting pages, returning the BBCodes toolbar to a default appearance. You may then choose to manually display, delete or edit each of the BBCodes in the ACP Posting page.