Akismet Anti-Spam Extension

Frequently Asked Questions


Since this extension sends your user personal data to the external servers, it's your duty to ensure you also remove them from these servers upon user's request to be forgotten. Unfortunately, Akismet doesn't provide a way to delete personal data on a per user basis, but each information on Akismet servers is kept for maximum of 90 days. Therefore, you don't need to ask Akismet to delete user's personal data, but you should inform your user that their personal data will be erased from Akismet servers in 90 days at maximum.

Original message from Akismet:
While we don’t currently offer the ability to delete on a per individual basis, we don’t keep the Akismet data for very long. We have a short retention period for this data of ninety days at a maximum, and all spam-related data is automatically erased, regardless, at that point. The GDPR’s right to be forgotten exists in certain circumstances — one being that “the personal data are no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed” — and after the ninety day period, the Akismet data is no longer needed to provide our spam filtering services to your site.