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Sun Aug 04, 2019 10:03 am
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Adds the possibility to include BBCodes in profile fields of String or Text types.

Unlike the MOD that was used in 3.0, this is activated individually for each field that it requires it, and also allows to decide if one field allows it and another does not, and if one only admits smilies, and another admits all kinds of extra data.

This extension complements the phpBB implementation of the profile fields of type string and text to allow BBCodes, smilies and URLs to be processed, if so configured.

The standard profile fields are replaced with these, maintaining compatibility at all times.

To activate the functionality, it is necessary to edit the configuration of each profile field
(ACP ->Users -> User Profile Fields)
and indicate if that field allows BBCodes or Smilies or URLs or a combo, your choice.

By default, everything is disabled, to maintain compatibility with the standard behaviour.

You can activate this in ALL fields of type text and type string, both existing ones (both originals like those that could have been created later) as in those that are created from this moment.
No data saved in any of these fields is lost.

Enable/Disable/Delete actions
  • - If, for whatever reason this extension is disabled, all fields will behave like fields standard, they will maintain their values but the BBCodes, smilies or URLs will NOT be processed.
  • - If it is activated again, the processing is recovered without changes.
  • - If the extension is deleted (delete data), the same thing happens:
    the fields remain as standard fields, WITHOUT processing BBCodes, smilies or URLs.
Additional note:
In the fields of type string and text you can put certain validations of character types allowed.
If BBCodes are used, they are replaced by spaces (except at the beginning and end of the field, which are eliminated) before validating, with what could happen that a field will no longer validate correctly if BBCodes are used.

It must be taken into account when selecting the type of validation.
The smilies and URLs are not deleted for validation, so the safest thing is not limit the type of characters allowed if you are going to activate Smilies and/or URLs.

Enough said.. :)
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