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[Help] It Works In Prosilver, But Not My Custom Style

Issue 1:
The extension does not appear when using a custom 3rd party Style. However, when you view your board using Prosilver, the extension appears.

This is the result of a problem with the 3rd party style and you must notify the author of the style about such problems. Typically, this will happen because the style author failed to include the proper template events used by extensions. It may also happen if they neglected to set Prosilver (or subsilver2) as their style's parent style. So the style's author must update and correct their style.

Issue 2:
The extension appears, but looks really strange or incorrect in a custom 3rd party style.

This is usually an indication that the style and extension are compatible, but the extension may need some custom styling changes to make it look correct in the 3rd party style. The extension's author should be notified of the the style and its issues so they can attempt to release a compatibility update.