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Collapse Categorys not working

by rogerg » Thu Jul 05, 2018 12:34 pm


I have installed and enabled the Collapse Category Ext. and I am quite new to php and phpbb forums.

Forum version official downlodaed version:3.2.2, styles prosilver.
PhpVersion: 5.6.31
OP: Windows Server standard 2016

I can not se the +/- signs at the right of the category
I I then look in Chrome i can see some errors, that i dont realy get. I am quite new to phpbb and forum's
The ext. version of the collapse is 1.0.2, and it should be compatible with my version of the forum, as I understand it!

Some erros from Chrome:

error 1.png
error 2.png
Seems like something is missing in the file.
error 3.png
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Re: Collapse Categorys not working

by leonhoen » Fri Jul 27, 2018 2:06 pm

I read in another post that a config file's security might be responsible for the css's not read. It seems that a path with phpbb in it has some more security. For each kind of server the "regex" of location might be different??? i haven't found a solution, but according to a reliable source you should see some button without css also. This is not the case for me on 3.2.2, not with standard style prosilver, not prosilver_se and not with MyInvision.
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