Digests 3.2.15 released - Digests

Digests 3.2.15 released

by MarkDHamill » Wed Aug 14, 2019 2:25 am

You can download the new version here or from the GitHub branch.

Changes since 3.2.14:
  • Fixed an issue with the version check that did not note new versions of digests because the SSL switch was not enabled in composer.json
  • Removed logic that created a top of hour timestamp for checking if a duplicate digest was created. Based on user feedback, this was causing a problem. As a consequence I removed the LOG_CONFIG_DIGESTS_DUPLICATE_PREVENTED language variable. Translators: since this was the only language change, I removed them from your translations. You should update your individual archives.
  • If you delete a user in the ACP, any digest subscriptions are also removed
  • Related to the above, a new migration program will clean up any rows in the phpbb_digests_subscribed_forums table.
  • Also, when you delete data for the extension, the extension will now remove the /store/phpbbservices/digests folder and any files inside it.
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