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Digests 3.2.16 released

by MarkDHamill » Tue Oct 29, 2019 3:37 pm

A new release! This one's important because it solves a bug with Edit subscribers. Here are some of the details of this release compared with version 3.2.15:
  • Some users had issues with Edit subscribers. The paging worked but the filtering feature and really the ability to make any change on the screen was hard or impossible. This didn't happen on my various servers in testing, but with the help of other testers I was able to fix the issue.
  • Edit subscribers now has the ability to search by email address or an email address pattern. However, you must have an @ sign in the search field. If present, search by member name is not used.
  • The language file acp/info_acp_common.php is no longer explicitly included, as all info* files are loaded automatically. Thanks 3Di!
  • New feature: you can use custom profile fields in the salutation instead of the username. There is a new field for this in the ACP's General settings screen. To work, the custom profile fields must exist and be specified in the field. For example, you could create custom profile fields fname and lname for first and last name and these can be used in the salutation. However, if they are blank for a given subscriber, the username will be used.
  • The email subject field is now escaped so that HTML entities are used. Thanks, Bonnaphil for noticing this!
  • Similarly, it was noted during testing that some links needed to be escaped that were embedded in the post's text. So & characters in links are replaced with & entities.
  • The little paperclip icon no longer exists as a file. I used it to help annotate attachments. This was replaced with FontAwesome styling. I tried to integrate that, but couldn't because the included stylesheet for FontAwesome uses relative links. So I removed the markup to show the icon.
  • The credit line no longer shows at the bottom of digests. It appears that this is causing my phpbbservices.com domain to be put on some email blacklists. Why? Presumably the digests being sent have some dubious content. So I'm hoping this will keep my domain from getting blacklisted, as well as any by the translators that were also in this field. They still show up in the User Control Panel.
A full list of changes since version 3.2.15 can be seen here.

This version can be downloaded from digests extension page on my website, or from the GitHub release page. If downloading from GitHub, make sure to place it in the /ext/phpbbservices/digests folder.

As always I am appreciative of the four translators for quickly providing language changes for these new features.
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