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Digests 3.2.17 released (NOT phpBB 3.3 compatible!)

by MarkDHamill » Sat Jan 11, 2020 5:58 pm

If you are wondering if this version is phpBB 3.3 compatible, the answer is no. However, I expect to use this version as a basis for changes for a phpBB 3.3 version.

You can download the extension from my digest extensions page for from the GitHub branch. If downloaded from GitHub, make sure to place the files in an /ext/phpbbservices/digests folder.

You can see a list of file changes since version 3.2.16 here.

This version passes a EPV test with two false positives and will probably be resubmitted for review after some testing by you to ensure there are no major errors. Version 3.2.15 was reviewed but was denied. This version addresses most of the issues in the review as well as other bugs.

Summary of changes:

  • (Major bug fix) Fixed a duplicate digests bug (same digest could go out more than once for the same hour) that was noted by a few people that I couldn't replicate. The issue was a number of continue statements should have been continue 2 statements. Apparently, continue statements affect switch statements and if encountered act like a break. That was the cause of the problem since I needed to go through the loop for the next subscriber instead. Bug found by GitHub user gRegorLove. Thanks!
  • The digest's link in the footer of the digest to unsubscribe now takes you directly to the digests modules in the UCP.
Manual mailer
  • (Enhancement) At the strong arming of the phpBB extension review team, the manual mailer interface is much simpler. You get a calendar countrol when you visit the page now, and use it to select the day and hour wanted. I agree this is less confusing.
  • (Enhancement) You will see a list of subscribers for the current hour on this screen now. This tells you at a glance who could get a digest for the current hour. In some cases, it may be nobody, so it's nice to know before you try to send digests out manually who could be impacted. However, if you change the hour, the list of subscribers for that hour will not refresh to reflect the hour chosen. And it's possible that some of those on the list will get weekly or monthly digests, so they may not receive them.
  • (Minor bug fix) If you select the option to send results to files, if the store/phpbbservices/digests folder is not created, it gets created. This actually is unchanged. But if this failed previoiusly, you'd get an error message, but it was in a green dialog box. Now it is properly in a red dialog box. At the request of the extension review team, I am now using the phpBB/Symfony filesystem service to create and remove these directories. Because of this requirement, these file actions now use try/catch logic, so any of these errors are trapped and logged differently.
  • (Minor bug fix) It was possible to specify that you wanted to clear the digest's store folder and not actually mail any digests manually, but in fact it did both. This bug was detected and fixed.
User digest default settings
  • (Clarification) Digest user default settings now show that when you express the default hour for digests to be sent, it must be specified in UTC. Previously it said it was based on your timezone, which was incorrect.
Edit subscribers
  • (Major bug fix) The mass action logic was fixed to work as intended. The idea is that you can mark rows by clicking on the checkbox for the row and take mass actions with these rows, like unsubscribe all checked or subscribe all checked with the default settings. Thanks to enclume27 for noticing the issue.
  • (Clarification) Previously, the instructions for searching for a member said to press the Refresh button. There was a Refresh button at one time, but it got changed to a Go button, so the text was changed.
User control panel
  • (Minor bug fix) If you unsubscribe from digests, the database will set the values for the user in the database to the digest default values. This inconsistency was noted by Raladic. A bug with setting the default styling is also fixed. Due to a typo, it previously referenced configuration variables that did not exist.
  • (Minor bug fix) If you unsubscribe from digests, when the page refreshes the hour shown for the default hour will reflect the user's timezone. These fields are disabled (greyed out) unless you resubscribe.
  • Added a few missing $db->sql_in_set statements to replace some loops noted in the extension team's review
  • Now using custom migration functions to handle data cleanup, also as requested by the extension team's review
Not addressed in extension team's review
  • Haven't figure out a way when the manual mailer is called to retain the ACP sidebars. This used to work in phpBB 3.1. It was suggested using a controller might work. I tried this approach but could not get it to work. If you have a suggestion, pass it on.
  • It was noted that store/phpbbservices is not removed when the extension's data is deleted. I'd be happy to do this but my other extension (Filter by country) also can create a folder here, so I didn't want to delete the whole folder in case this occurs. The filesystem service doesn't seem to have a way to tell me if a directory exists, and apparently the extension review team wants me to use it, so uninstalling the extension will leave a store/phpbbservices folder if the folder gets created. It's only used if you want to store files when running the manual mailer.
My thanks to those who found and reported bugs, and to the four translators for maintaining up to date translations for the extension.
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