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External Link In New Window

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1.2.0 phpBB 3.3.0, 3.2.9
Mon Jun 22, 2020 7:36 am
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Topic in "Extensions in development" forum: viewtopic.php?t=2284971
Extension development repository: https://github.com/Mar-tin-G/ExternalLinkInNewWindow

Extension Description: Modifies external links (i.e. links to a resource outside of your board) to open in a new browser window by default.

Extension Version: 1.2.0

Requirements: phpBB 3.2, phpBB 3.3

Works without JavaScript (which may be ignored by bots or disabled by users), the needed attributes are injected into the HTML output. Also adds the ability to add the rel=nofollow attribute to external links.

The attribute rel=noopener noreferrer is always added to external links to prevent a possible security issue, see this article for more information.

The extension can be configured in the Admin Control Panel:
  • Allow users to choose for themselves if they would like to open external links in a new window.
  • Or force external links to be opened in a new window for registered users.
  • Open external links in new window for guests.
  • Open external links in new window for bots.
If enabled in the Admin Control Panel, the board users can configure in their User Control Panel if they would like to open external links in a new window. You can configure a default behavior in the Admin Control Panel that is used if a user does not choose a setting on his own.

The extension only modifies these links when displaying a message (post, private message, etc.). It does not alter the messages that are stored into the database.
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