Favicon Notifications

1.0.0 phpBB 3.1.9
Sun Nov 06, 2016 9:35 pm
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phpBB 3.1.9
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This extension adds a red badge on top of the favicon with the number of unread notifications by using the favico.js library. This is useful especially when the tab is pinned.

If there are no unread notifications, no badge is displayed. It works with every favicon.
There is no configuration: you enable the extension and you're done.

Browser compatibility
  • Chrome: working
  • Firefox: working
  • Opera: working
  • Safari: not working
  • IE 11: not working
  • Edge: not working
  • This extension does not add a favicon to your style. It only works if you already have a favicon.
  • It does not work in Chrome if you have more than one <link rel="icon"> element.
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