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Definition ACP_FBC_COUNTRY_WO is not configured. - Filter by country

Definition ACP_FBC_COUNTRY_WO is not configured.

by HansDutch » Sat Jun 15, 2024 8:37 am

Since version 1.0.22 of the Filter by country extension, the country code WO has been added to the constant FBC_COUNTRY_CODES in the constants/constants.php file. The country code WO stands for World, Unknown.

In the language/en/common.php file, the definition of ACP_FBC_COUNTRY_WO that should be added to the array variable lang is still commented out. In the configuration of the country list of this extension, the country ACP_FBC_COUNTRY_WO is shown at the bottom of the country list instead of Unknown. This is because the definition ACP_FBC_COUNTRY_WO is not configured.

In the language files of the Dutch language of this extension that I recently supplied, I have already removed the comments from the ACP_FBC_COUNTRY_WO definition.
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Re: Definition ACP_FBC_COUNTRY_WO is not configured.

by MarkDHamill » Sat Jun 15, 2024 11:46 am

Good point. In /language/en/common.php, line 288 should be:

Code: Select all

	'ACP_FBC_COUNTRY_WO' => 'Unknown',

which means line 298:

Code: Select all

	//'ACP_FBC_COUNTRY_WO' => 'Unknown',
can be removed entirely.
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