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Sun Jun 11, 2017 7:18 pm
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The Hookup extension adds a meeting planner to your forum, similar to doodle and other such sites.

You can agree upon a date to meet or use text entries instead of dates to obtain a quick overview of users opinions on certain entries, or perhaps organize who brings what types of food to a party (or similar things).

If participation in weekly events such as practice sessions is to be monitored, the hookup can automatically delete old dates for you and also add new ones.

Users can join the hookup upon invitation or be permitted to enter themselves, participating users can suggest new dates or text entries, moderators and the topic author can additionally remove entries and users from the list as well as hide or delete the whole hookup. Participating users can choose between "Yes", "No", and "Maybe" as option for each date or text entry.

Once a date has been found, it can be set Active by the topic starter or a moderator. All participating users receive a notification automatically when a date is set active. In addition, they are notified about new dates and can opt to be notified about new users as well.

This extension is based upon the phpBB 3.0 Hookup Mod written by the Team.
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