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Adds a Google Search box to your Forum. The responsive style uses the default 'Advanced Search' Icon to access the Advanced Search where the Google Search is also available. The Admin can choose whether the search appears in the Header, Navbar or on the Index underneath Breadcrumbs (which also adds the default search). The Extension is supplied with a "search the whole web" Google Search Engine ID, which can be replaced with your own custom ID if you wish. The results are shown in a Forum page.

The Search Boxes are disabled on unsupported browsers. Google Search is still available in Advanced Search options.

Automatic rtl switching included.

An error message is displayed if JavaScript disabled or Google blacklisted

You can also add your own Google Verification Code if you wish

  • en
  • Language Pack ar, es, es_x_tu, et, fl , fr, it, nl, pt_br, ru, sv HERE
Requirements: phpBB 3.1.4 or later

Supported Styles:
  • Elegance
  • prosilver
  • prosilver SE
  • we_universal
  • It should work with all prosilver based styles, although not all search positions will show correctly.
  • In all cases the Google Search will still appear on the advanced search page.
Extension Version: 3.1.3 / 3.2.4

Demo: Here

  • Download the latest release and unzip it.
  • Copy the folder hifikabin to the ext folder e.g: root/ext and enable it in the ACP
My Extension Forum or This Forum

  • Google Search 3.1.3/3.2.4 is a visual match with my NavBar Search Extension. This will allow you to place the phpBB search on the NavBar or Index in unison with where you place Google Search.
  • How do I get my Google Custom ID and Verification Code? Click Here
  • JavaScript must be enabled and Google Whitelisted else the results will not show
  • If you want to revert to the default search, use this Google Search Engine ID 014009256459669723404:h-jorqudbre
  • Please read This Post if you have Cloudflare enabled.
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