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1.0.1 phpBB 3.2.5
Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:48 am
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For security reasons, from phpBB 3.2.4 the execution of external programs was disabled (see the official announcement) . Because of that thumbnails for images can only be generated by using php internal functions. By default, this is handled by the gd-library. But for high-quality images, using the ImageMagick function provides better results. This extension uses the php-library for ImageMagick without the need to specify a absolute path to the executables.
For more information, see the extensions wiki page at github

Extension Version: 1.0.1

  1. phpBB >= 3.2.4
  2. php library IMagick installed
All requirements will be checked during enabling of the extension

  • Set the image compression quality via acp
  • rotate thumbnails according to their exif information
  • Languages:
    • english en
    • german (casual) de
    • german (formal) de-x-sie
    for translations to other languages, please see this topic. I don't include other language in the core of this extension.

Github repository:

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