Frequently Asked Questions

Extension configuration

How do I get the API credentials?
  1. Create an Imgur account, if you don't have one already
  2. Register an Imgur application at
  3. Type an application name
  4. Select OAuth 2 authorization with a callback URL
  5. Make sure the URL http://domain.tld/app.php/imgur/authorize works, replace with your board URL, and use https:// if you have an SSL certificate installed and configured.
  6. Type the previous URL in the Authorization callback URL field
  7. Type your email and a short description
  8. After clicking Submit you should get a client_id and client_secret
How do I configure the extension?

Once you have the API credentials (see above):
  1. Go to your Administration Control Panel > Extensions > Imgur settings
  2. Set your client_id and client_secret
  3. Optionally set an album ID (see below)
  4. Click on Submit and go back to the previous page
  5. Click on the authorization link
  6. A new window will popup to authorize the application
  7. Login to your Imgur account to grant access to your account
  8. The window will close itself when it's done, or show an error message
  9. Click on Submit
How do I get the Album ID?

The Album ID is optional, the extension will work even if you don't set one, however it is recommended to create an album specifically for your board, so you can have more control over the images that will be uploaded.

If you don't have an album already:
  1. Login into Imgur and go to Albums in the dropdown menu
  2. Click on the New album located just above your album list (if any)
  3. Enter an album title and description and optionally check on Hidden
  4. Click on Save
If you have an album already:
  • Go to your album URL, something like
  • Copy the last (usually five) alphanumeric characters
If the album ID is set, an icon will be shown next to the text field, clicking that link will allow you to download the whole album.