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Changing Post Author via Linked Accounts

by Tessatore » Wed Aug 08, 2018 6:35 pm

Taking a long shot here...

On my old 3.0 forum, I used to write a lot of "staff" posts, but wanted them posted them under a generic account rather than my personal account. I managed to accomplish that by using something similar to this style extension (linked account), plus something called "Post as Poster".

This is the old 3.0 mod:

Some of us have had a request for this outstanding to be converted to 3.2, but no one's really picked up on it yet. Would it be possible to integrate something like this into your extension and limit it to only the accounts that are linked to the main account? I know it may be beyond the scope, but some of us forum roleplayers would love to be able to write a post without having to constantly worry about which account we're logged into first and just switch it before posting if we happen to be on the wrong account.

Plus, going through the MCP means extra steps and that anyone with MCP access can technically switch to any account, which has caused some mistakes/confusion in the past. :D

Thanks for reading if nothing else!
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Re: Changing Post Author via Linked Accounts

by Flerex » Thu Aug 09, 2018 10:14 am


That's indeed a great idea. I was actually working in this exact same feature a few weeks ago but I had to cancel this feature because it was just too much to take into account for the little gains it gave. Let me explain myself.

Currently, Linked Accounts has been updated with two new features: the ability to return to the same page once you switch account from the switching menu and the possibility to do it with AJAX (which means that it's almost instant). With this two features you can be in the composing page and switch to any account before writing anything and it would behave sort of like the “posting as” feature we were talking about. Of course, only when writing new posts, not editing.

Having this into account, implementing the “posting as” feature is a lot to take in. I have to take into account all possibilities (whether the other user is not banned, has permissions on the forum, if the post to be edited is in a forum with posting queue, the post must be sent back to queue and the post count of the user must be reduced, etc.). Currently, phpBB does not provide a native and easy way to implement this, so I would have to take all of this into account, and I think it's not worth it, as it could also bring tons of bugs to the extension.

Anyway, I think the workaround I talked about earlier is more than sufficient for this kind of situations except, of course, when you're editing a post. In those cases is where this feature would really shine.

I checked out the extension you linked but it doesn't add this layer of security I'm talking about. That extension just “imports” the moderator feature that lets you change a post author and hides it with a new interface with new permissions. That is a potential security hazard that I don't want to implement into the extension.

As I always like to give all sorts of alternatives, I can link you to the official repository branch where I was working on the feature. Here you can download the version 1.1.0-alpha1 which already implements this feature the same way the MOD you linked plus an initial security layer that I talked you about. Remember that this version is an alpha and is also abandoned, so bugs might happen and I would not give support for it.

As a final note, I would like to promise you that if in the future phpBB provides a more “abstract” interface for me to do this without having to take everything into account myself, I will implement this feature without hesitation.
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