Frequently Asked Questions

Message reparser status

What is the message reparser?

mChat 2.1.4 lets you know the status of its message reparser. The message reparser converts the internal format of messages used in phpBB 3.1 and 3.0 to the new format used since phpBB 3.2. Go to ACP, Extensions, mChat Global settings. You will see the status at the top, next to the version number. If the status is active, there are still messages in the old format in the phpbb_mchat database table. phpBB gradually converts them during everyday board operation in the background. Check back later and the status should be finished. This means the message reparser has successfully converted all messages to the new format.

Why is this important?

The message reparser will be removed in mChat 2.2.0. This means mChat 2.2.0 will not be able to convert messages from the old format to the new format. If you are upgrading your board from version 3.1 or earlier and you have mChat installed, you must upgrade to mChat 2.1.4 so that it can convert the messages to the new format. Only once the message reparser has finished, you can upgrade to mChat 2.2.0 (or later). If you skip the upgrade to mChat 2.1.4 while still having messages in the old format in your database, your mChat messages won't display correctly and you can't use mChat.