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ModBreak BBcode

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Tue Aug 01, 2017 4:13 pm
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Adds a BBcode for moderator remarks, only usable for moderators

  • Add a BBcode for moderators to make an obvious remark in a post
  • Only useable for users with the m_ permission in the current forum (e.g.: moderators)
  • Non-moderators get the default error message for not being allowed to use this BBcode
  • Styling provided in extension, can be overwritten in your own CSS definitions
  • Usage: [mod={YOUR_USERNAME}]{YOUR_MESSAGE}[/mod] or [mod]{YOUR_MESSAGE}[/mod]
  • BBcode buttons aren't displayed in posting forms since it's only available for moderators.
Language en and nl included.
It's only about the string in the heading, default being "Message from moderator ".
You can change this to your liking by going to the ACP -> Posting -> BBcodes -> mod= -> edit
Change the {L_MODBREAK_HEAD} at will.
modbreak-styling.png modbreak-example2.png
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