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Tue Mar 06, 2018 7:38 am
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phpBB 3.2.1
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Shows an ACP configurable mailto link in a form that makes it less SPAMable than the Contact Us page in the phpBB3.1.x package. There is a switch to allow you to choose between this extension and the inbuilt Contact Us form (the switch action is disabled if Board Wide Emails are disabled)

Extension Version:
  • 3.1.4/3.2.4
Supported Styles:
  • All
Language: Installation:
  • Download the latest release and unzip it.
  • Upload the the folder hifikabin to root/ext/ and enable it in the ACP
  • Enter the email details in the Extension tab of the ACP
  • Disable the 'Contact Page Settings' in the ACP.
  • I have been using this system on 3 forums without any SPAM being received through the JavaScript encoded mailto link
My Extension Forum or This Forum

How to disable JavaScript in your browser (external link)
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