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Icons without titles

by CarolC1 » Tue Jan 01, 2019 6:25 am

I linked 4 custom pages in the navbar footer.
The links display between the trash bin icon and contact icon.
If you hover over the trash bin it says 'Delete board cookies', or over the envelope icon it says "Contact us". But the 4 custom page icons do not say anything.
Can you add some kind of alt text information to the custom page links?

EDIT TO ADD: Disregard, I just found out the old way of making a new custom page still works. I'd been assuming it wouldn't because the code has changed so much. I just uploaded a pair of legacy php+html files and as far as I can tell, the page is fine.

That's good because most of our pages were forum guidelines and I never wanted to have to link them visibly down in the navbar or anywhere else because the point was to link to them from the Forum Rules in various forums. They just need to be on the server to be linked to. I notice when I used the Pages ext, you have to link it someplace where it shows. If you make it private so it doesn't show, then a guest or user clicking the link gets "the requested page is not available" so it does no good to link it from the Forum Rules. It would be nice if the ext would allow the page to be linkable but not visible unless you know the url.
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