PayPal Donation Extension

Frequently Asked Questions

How to setup your PayPal account?

  • Your PayPal account must be on Premier or Business type.
    Learn more.
Setup IPN:
Use this direct link then go to the point 3. If the link doesn't work, follow instructions below:
  1. Connect on your PayPal account and go to Seller preferences from the Home page
  2. Look for Instant payment notifications then click update
  3. Click the button Choose IPN Settings
  4. Enter your board URL in Notification URL and check Receive IPN messages button
  5. Save changes
Language Encoding:
It appears, in some case, the language encoding used by PayPal doesn't work with your board. You must check your PayPal account language encoding and maybe change it to UTF-8

Direct link to Paypal Language Encoding.

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