PayPal Donation Extension

Frequently Asked Questions

PayPal Sandbox: Testing accounts information

All transactions handled by PayPal Sandbox are fictitious.
Information below are only for tests and can only be used in a PayPal Sandbox environment.
Admin settings
  • Go to ACP > Extension > PayPal Donation > PayPal IPN features and set one of the following PayPal Sandbox Accounts Note: You can enable or not the option "Sandbox only for founder".
    If set to yes, only founders can test the extension with PayPal Sandbox
Donors User Guide
  • Make a donation
  • Check that your are redirected on PayPal Test Store
    CAUTION: If you don't see Test Store check your ACP settings
  • Use the following credentials
Note: If you mix currencies (eg. Making an USD donation for an EUR merchant), transactions will have the status pending.