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Sat Apr 28, 2018 12:46 pm
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phpBB extension which allows users to be able to choose a national flag and have a top (those with the most users selecting the flag) number of flags display on the index page of a phpBB forum. Header is link to a listing of all users of a flag. Clicking on user count of the flag displays the users that have that flag set.

An admin can choose where to display a users flag
  • After a users avatar
  • Before a users avatar
  • After a user name
  • Before a user name
  • Above a users rank
  • Below a users rank
  • After profile fields
  • Before profile fields
  • After contact fields
An admin can also, if the server is set correctly, upload a flag via the ACP. Flag names are translatable, read the language file to see how to translate them.

Requires at least phpBB version 3.1.4-RC1 and version 1.3.1, and greater, requires at least PHP version 5.4

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