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Language problem in DE Board, Nationalflag & Collapsible - National Flags

Language problem in DE Board, Nationalflag & Collapsible

by Tastenplayer » Thu Jun 21, 2018 7:14 pm


In a forum it is definitely not possible to activate the national flag ext. together with the collapsible forum categories ext.
There's a language chaos. With the latest Flagg version, the whole forum is displayed outside in EN. Despite standard language de and in ucp also de!
With the earlier versions, a member could change the language in ucp, but only three points were displayed in EN and the whole acp.

This problem also exists with other extensions, if the Collapsible is installed at the same time. This is definitely not only the case in my forum.

I wrote this problem down at Collapsible Ext. However, until today, no reaction has come from the developers. Which is why I have to do without the Collapsible Ext. in my forum now.

This is the same in 3.2.1 as in 3.2.2 forum. Also with different php versions.

I only realized this when I installed the quick translaton ext from hjw and hardly anything was displayed in EN or FR.

Besides, there seems to be a mistake here.
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