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Sat Sep 11, 2021 11:10 am
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The extension sends e-mail reminders to users who have been inactive for the defined period. If user does not return (wake up) after the 3d reminder user will be enabled for (auto) deletion. After 3 reminders the extension stops sending reminders to user and the administrator will be able to delete that account. There is also an option to allow a user to self-delete his account (with or without the approval of the administrator)
  • List of inactive users and their reminders' status
  • Automatically send reminders to inactive users
  • Two different templates depending on user's status
  • Interval of days to consider a user as "sleeper" defined by administrator
  • Define by administrator how many reminders (mails) per day to send
  • Option to include user's forums / top active topics in mail
  • Exclude/Include forums for the e-mail reminder.
  • Option to allow self-deletion for a user. (with or without administrator approval)
  • Ignore users. List of users that the extension should not send reminders
  • Administrator is able to send reminders to individual users
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