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1.1.1 phpBB 3.2.0, 3.1.10
Sat Apr 08, 2017 9:37 am
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19.23 KiB
Validated for:
phpBB 3.2.0, 3.1.10
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This extension suggests usernames when selecting a recipient of a private message.

  • Display up to 100 usernames filtered by stated username input
  • Display only users which have the permission to read private messages
  • Display the avatar images of the users
  • Username loading with AJAX
  • Change Settings in the ACP
    • Suggestion count
    • Avatar image size
Supported styles:
  • prosilver
  • Mobbern3.1
Supported languages:
  • Deutsch
  • English
Translations that have been provided by the community: Installation:
  1. Download and unzip the current release of the extension
  2. Upload the extracted directory into the ext directory of your phpBB board
  3. Navigate to the ACP to Customise -> Manage extensions
  4. Search the extension under the disabled extensions category and click it's enable link
  • PHP 5.3.3 or newer
  • phpBB 3.1.* or newer
For the newest version of the extension you can also check GitHub.

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