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Sat Mar 14, 2015 11:03 am
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Extension for phpBB 3.2 / 3.3 to let visitors quickly switch board styles.
Based on Prime Quick Style for phpBB 3.0, by Ken F. Innes IV (primehalo)

  • Adds a drop-down selector to the header, which detects a selection change and triggers a board style change through the UCP.
  • Automatically redirects back to the original page being viewed after style has changed.
  • Works for guests too, but uses a special cookie instead.
  • ACP module to set guest access and whether to use the default template location: EVENT overall_header_navigation_prepend
Languages: English, Spanish, Estonian, Arabic, Croatian, Russian, Dutch.

  • Download and unzip the current release.
  • Copy the paybas/quickstyle folder to /ext/paybas/quickstyle.
  • Navigate in the ACP to Customise -> Manage extensions.
  • Look for "Quick Style" under the Disabled Extensions list, and click the "Enable" link.
  • Set up and configure the Quick Style extension by navigating in the ACP to Extensions -> Quick Style.
Development: https://www.avathar.be/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4520

Download development version: https://www.avathar.be/forum/app.php/dl ... l&df_id=67

Version 1.4.1 is currently in the validation queue.
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