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Fri Oct 05, 2018 8:37 am
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Enables search option for where you were quoted and sanitize quote references for deleted users. Useful for GDPR compliance when a user requests removal.

  • Search where you have been quoted from Profile in the header navbar
  • Search where a user was quoted from ACP -> manage users
  • Build search index for existing posts, new posts are added on the fly
  • When changing a username from ACP, the username inside quote headings are updated as well
  • Option to replace references to this username in quote headings as well as post author name for users posts with "Guest" when deleting a user from ACP -> manage users (Useful for GDPR)
For this extension to work properly, all posts on your board should have been parsed by the Textformatter that has been added in phpBB 3.2. If your board was started in phpBB 3.2 you have nothing to worry about. If you have come from another phpBB version or an entire other forum software package, your posts must have been reparsed with the Textreparser. This is a process that's usually executed without you having to worry about it.
I intend to write a more detailed documentation about this process later, until then I recommend you read this post as well as mine below that.

Once you've assured yourself that all posts are in 3.2 format, you can (re)build an index in "ACP" > "Maintenance" > "Quoted Where" and create a search index.

phpbb 3.2 parsed posts (see above)
DOMDocument and DOMXPath

Dutch and English included.

If you like this extension and appreciate my work, you might want to buy me a coffee:
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