RH Topic Tags

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RH Topic Tags

Enables tagging of topics with key words.


  • add tags when posting a new topic
  • Tag suggestions based on existing tags
  • edit tags when editing first post of topic
  • SEO-optimization: tags are added to meta-content keywords in viewtopic
  • tags are shown in viewforum (can be disabled in acp)
  • enable tagging of topics on a per forum basis
  • Responsive layout
  • Full UTF-8 support
  • search topics by tag(s)
  • /tag/{tags}/{mode}/{casesensitive} shows topics tagged with all (mode=AND, default) or any (mode=OR) of the given tags, where tags are comma separated tags and casesensitive can be true to search case-sensitive or false (default), e.g.:
    • /tag/tag1,tag2/OR lists topics that are tagged with tag1 OR tag2 OR tAG2
    • /tag/tag1,tag2/AND lists topics that are tagged with [tag1 AND (tag2 OR tAG2)]
    • /tag/tag1,tag2 lists topics that are tagged with [tag1 AND (tag2 OR tAG2)] (mode=default=AND, casesensitive=default=false)
    • /tag/tag1,tAG2/AND/true lists topics that are tagged with (tag1 AND tAG2)
  • /tags shows a tag cloud
  • acp option for tag cloud to be displayed on board-index or not
  • acp option to limit count of tags shown in tag cloud on the index page
  • dynamic tag-size in tag cloud depending on its usage count
  • acp option to en/disable display of usage count of tags in tag cloud
Advanced Configuration:

Goto ACP -> Extensions -> RH Topic Tags

  • configure a regex to decide which tags are valid and which are not
  • maintenance functions in ACP -> Extensions -> RH Topic Tags
  • Whitelist
  • Blacklist
  • User and Mod+Admin permission for who can add/edit RH topic tags
  • spaces in tags are converted to "-" by default (you can disable it in ACP)
  • Manage existing tags in ACP
    • Delete tag
    • Rename tag
    • Merge tags (rename one tag to the same name as another tag and they will automatically be merged )
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