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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I contribute translations?

Translations are handled through Crowdin, if you want to translate this extension into your language (thanks!), please use this web tool to do it.

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How do I use that web tool?

Is very straightforward, in the project home you can click in the language name or flag and then select the files you want to translate.

For more information please refer to the Online Editor article.

My language is not listed there

You can send me a PM or send me a message though Crowdin with your language name and I'll add it as soon as possible.

My language was not included in the final extension

New versions won't be released nor sent for validation when only changes to translations were made, however they will be included in next versions where other code changes were made, including testing versions.

Also note that one of the extensions validation rules is that all translations should be complete, so if the language of your choice wasn't fully translated, it won't be included in next versions.

If a language was not fully translated for a long time or various releases, it will be deleted completely.