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Smartfeed 3.0.9 prerelease

by MarkDHamill » Fri Apr 27, 2018 2:44 pm

You can pull it from the GitHub master and take it for a spin. I'll be looking for feedback in case there are bugs or tweaks needed.

Much of the animus for this release comes from a client who I installed the extension for. He needed the ability to more finely customize the item title for the feed. Some of this is available from the ACP interface but this functionality was not available in the user interface. Some of the changes:
  • Templates are converted to a native TWIG syntax. Thanks so much to Kasimi for his TWIG converter extension which made this a two minute process instead of a two hour process.
  • New ability to show last posts of topics only. The Smartfeed user interface has changed to facilitate this. There used to be radio buttons where you could select all posts, first posts of topics and bookmarks. Now it's in a dropdown control and there is an option for last posts of topics too.
  • Ability for users to select to suppress the forum names in the feed. This control will not appear if the administrator has enabled this option in the ACP.
  • Ability for users to select to show the topic title instead of the post subject. Since the post subject often contains a "Re:" prefix, this basically cleans it up into something more presentable in a feed.
  • Ability for users to suppress usernames in the feed. This control will not appear if the administrator has enabled this option in the ACP.
  • Fixes a bug that showed shadowed (moved) topics in the feed
  • Typecasts the attachment ID to an integer in the SQL
  • Better handled of author names and author emails in the feed
  • Contains an updated version of the SimplePIE library
  • Fixed errors with placement and look of the jQueryUI error dialog box in the user interface
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