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Smartfeed 3.0.10 released

by MarkDHamill » Mon Apr 15, 2019 12:51 am

I had forgotten why 3.0.9 had not gotten approved. It's so big that it caused a HTTP 504 error uploading it to for review. The tech guy here, although notified, never solved this problem. It was solved once before.

Anyhow, version 3.0.10 is released. Features:
  • The test button has stopped being useful, mainly because Firefox used to natively render RSS and ATOM feed but the feature was removed. The next best thing is to bring up the rendered XML into a window, so the test button becomes a View Feed button. When you press it, a window appears below the button and you can see the feed code.
  • ACP webmaster field now requires an email address format.
  • Certain fields in the user interface were changed to HTML NUMBER fields
  • Styles in /style/prosilver were moved to /style/all. This way styles that don't inherit from prosilver are supported.
  • Smartfeed icon on the navigation bar goes away and is replaced by a scalable FontAwesome feed icon
You can download this version from the GitHub branch or my Smartfeed page. If you are updating, do it right: disable the extension, remove everything from the smartfeed folder, upload the new version then enable it again.

Language authors, there are many language changes. Please use GitHub to compare the 3.0.10 branch with the branch of your translation to see all the changes.
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