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Smartfeed 3.0.12 released

by MarkDHamill » Fri Oct 18, 2019 6:48 pm

No new functionality in this release, but quite a bit of cleanup. This extension was essentially out of service for a couple of years due to infrastructure issues here not being able to upload large archives. With that resolved, I realized some of the code was using practices for phpBB 3.1 extensions:
  • I changed calls to use the language service, basically to use $this->language->add_lang() instead of $this->user->add_lang_ext().
  • I'm also now using filter_var() to test if an IP address is formatted correctly.
  • I'm no longer using htmlspecialchars() which triggered an EPV error but instead am using htmlentities() which does not.
The extension can be downloaded from my Smartfeed page or from the GitHub release branch. If downloading from GitHub, place the extracted files in the /ext/phpbbservices/smartfeed directory.
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