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Smartfeed 3.0.14 released

by MarkDHamill » Thu Jul 23, 2020 11:53 pm

This version offers no new functionality but a lot of code clean up and refactoring was done based on the latest extension team review.

I'd appreciate people installing it and trying it out. I do testing but there are lots of permutations so it's possible something was missed or isn't working right. Otherwise in a week or two I will submit it for another review.

The main complaint was my code was too long so I spent a lot of time primarily making feed.php more modular. In my mind a function should only be created if it is likely to be called more than once, so I was okay with a 1000 line function. Now it is definitely easier for reviewers to read and for you to modify if needed, and at least functions are shorter. Also:
  • The page title was missing from the user interface, at least on version 3.0.12 which was what was reviewed, so that's fixed.
  • Error checking tests for suppressed forum names, topic title and username parameters outside of the registered users only block of code
  • Fixed a bug on non-image attachments, which tried to insert the image of a paperclip into the feed. The paperclip no longer exists as an image (it is available as a FontAwesome symbol) so I just removed it.
But really no new functionality and only one tiny language file change.

All file changes from version 3.0.13.

It can be downloaded from my Smartfeed page or from GitHub. If downloaded from GitHub, make sure to install it in /ext/phpbbservices/smartfeed folder.
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