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by Exclusive » Mon Apr 15, 2019 11:57 pm

I recently installed this extension on my forum, It's really a great extension. But with the few minutes it lasted in my forum because I have uninstalled it, I discovered some bug, which really needs to be looked upon.

1. If an unregistered user logs in using the Social Login extension, the user bypasses the required fields usually required if registering directly via the forum's registration page.

2. Do integrate this with quick login. | ... ick_login/

Discussions: ... 1?p=618371


So it will look something like/or exactly like this: - as this looks perfect!

3. While in the registration page, the social login should come below the main forum's registration (above the "CONFIRMATION OF REGISTRATION) making look as another option for users to use in registering.

See image preview:

[OPTIONAL] 4. The social login shows above the phpBB announcement extension, it should come below, as an announcement could be something very important which shouldn't come after something else.

If it will be integrated in quick login (only if the quick login extensions exist in the persons board), this option should be removed entirely - meaning it shouldn't show in the index page except the login pages/quick login page.

If you're using this extension and you would have a bug to report, kindly add to the list!
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