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Frequently Asked Questions


Translations are included with the extension. The extension is currently published with the following languages:
  • Catalan Català
  • Chinese (Traditional) 正體中文
  • Chinese (Simplified) 简体字
  • Croatian Hrvatski
  • Czech Čeština
  • Danish Dansk
  • Dutch Nederlands
  • English English
  • Estonian Eesti keel
  • French Français
  • German Deutsch
  • Hebrew עברית
  • Hungarian Magyar
  • Italian Italiano
  • Japanese 日本語
  • Lithuanian Lietuvių
  • Polish Polski
  • Portuguese Português
  • Brazilian Portuguese Português Brasileiro
  • Romanian Română
  • Russian Русский
  • Serbian (Cyrillic Script) Српски
  • Serbian (Latin Script) Srpski (Latinica)
  • Slovak Slovenčina
  • Spanish Español
  • Turkish Türkçe
  • Ukrainian Українська
New Translations
Newly submitted translations are not yet included in the default package. You can download them on GitHub.
  • Slovenian Slovenščina
Submit a Translation
New translations are always welcome, they are accepted via: